Re.In.Force. Los Angeles

Hidden in Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles, lies the best sneaker consignment store you haven’t heard of. It is the highly underrated RIF Los Angeles. RIF is the best sneaker store, and my favorite, for 2 reasons. First, they discourage they’re consigners from overpricing their shoes. Nobody wants jacked up prices on over-hyped shoes. This is beneficial on both sides because it helps the shoes sell quicker, and the buyers get the shoes they want without over paying. Second, they are one of the only consignment stores that sell worn shoes. Some people may not like the idea of buying used shoes, but if I can get a pair of ‘99 black/red Jordan IV’s that were worn once, for a few hundred dollars cheaper than what I would pay for a deadstock pair, that’s fine with me.

RIF is short for ReInForce, and reinforcing Los Angeles is exactly what they’re doing there. Constantly giving back to the community, they are always accepting shoe donations for the LA Mission. You might even see them on skid row handing out the shoes directly to those who need them. They are truly devoted to their customers and consigners alike. RIF is a sneaker store for sneaker lovers. Good people, great shop, always representing LA to the fullest. If you love sneakers, RIF is the place to go.

Their online shop is updated daily with new consignment. Check it out at www.RIF.LA

RIF LA                                                                                334-A East 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
TEL 213-617-0252

"Buying fake shoes supports terrorism."

Images via RIF

Posted on 7 July
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